Ten Travel Resolutions For 2010

1). Get Your Passport: Your passport opens up the world to you. You need a passport to go Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean now too! If you have an expired passport, get it renewed. Go to the US State Department’s website to get started on the process.

2). Travel to someplace you’ve always wanted to go to: Now is the time to travel to that far off destination you’ve always wanted to see. If your dream vacation is a safari in Africa, or a trip to the Galapagos, pricing in 2010 is still very reasonable.

3). Take more day trips or weekend getaways: You don’t have to spend a fortune to get away. A day trip away from your regular routine, or a weekend getaway will recharge your batteries, and hold you over until you can take an extended vacation.

4). Try something new every trip: Try something you’ve never done before every time you travel. It can be as mild or wild as you’d like. Go horseback riding. Try ballroom dance lessons. Learn scuba diving. Go whitewater rafting. Try a new food. The possibilities are endless.

5). Get to know the locals: When traveling, strike up a conversation with your waiter, eat at a local favorite restaurant, or talk to a shopkeeper. Ask for recommendations for local restaurants, sights to see, or events. You’ll learn more about a destination by getting to know the locals better than you would by just observing from afar.

6). Upgrade: Always traveled on a budget, staying in the cheapest accommodations, taking the cheapest flights you can find? Why not try upgrading…for a change. Schedule a nonstop flight to your destination (if possible). Fly in first class. Upgrade to a nicer room category at your hotel. Book a balcony suite on your cruise. Stay less days if it’ll get you a better room or flight. You won’t regret it…and will probably enjoy it!

7) Blog about your travels: Keep in touch with family and friends by blogging about your trips. Take pictures, write stories, and have them follow you along on your journey. It’s a great way to keep in touch, and will make lifetime memories for you. There are many free travel blogging websites available. TravelPod is one I’ve used… http://www.travelpod.com. Travel Blog also offers a free travel blog at http://www.travelblog.org

8). Buy Travel Insurance when traveling: Traveling without insurance is like driving a car with no insurance. You take a very big risk of incurring thousands of dollars in medical costs that are not covered by your insurance company. Imagine being overseas, hurt, and uninsured, and having to be evacuated back to the US for emergency surgery. Not something you want to pay out of pocket, but you will without proper coverage. Insure your trip…you won’t regret it. If you travel frequently, there are annual policies you can purchase, otherwise, less frequent travelers can purchase per trip insurance.

9). Travel with your children: Just because you have kids doesn’t mean you can’t travel. It doesn’t mean the end of life as you know it! Travel with your kids…pass your love of travel onto them. Take shorter trips if money is tight…but do travel with them

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